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Rock Wool Lamella For Sandwich Panel

OSWOOL TM Rock Wool Lamella For Sandwich Panel

Width: 935, 940, 950mm.

Length: 1.2m.

Height: 50, 75, 100mm.

Density: 60kg/m3-200kg/m3.

Overview of OSWOOL TM Rock Wool Lamella:

OSWOOL TM rock wool lamella is made of basalt as the major materials which is pulled into 4-7µ non-continuous fibers after melted (temperature up to 1450℃) by adopting advanced international four-roller centrifugal cotton-making procedures and adding a certain of adhesives, dust laying oil and water repellent into rock wool fibers. It can be made into products series with different density according to various uses through the technology of sedimentation, solidify, cutting and etc.

Advantages of OSWOOL TMRock Wool Lamella:

Saves energy; Water repellent; Environment friendly, No health hazard, asbestos free; Easy to cut, handle and install; Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation; Stable physical and chemical properties.

OSWOOL TM Rock Wool Lamella Packing:

The lamella is packed in White and yellow color PE bag.

We can make your OEM packages.

Applications of OSWOOL TM Rock Wool Lamella:

Rock wool lamella is mainly for the production of rock wool sandwich panel. It is a superior core material of the sandwich panel series.

Technical Parameters of OSWOOL TM Rock Wool Lamella: